About Me

I am currently a Principal at Cadmus Group, where I lead our Pilots and Technology Assessment practice.  My responsibilities include providing strategic consulting solutions to states and utilities, evaluating demand side efficiency portfolios, and designing and implementing innovative energy efficiency programs.

Prior to joining Cadmus, I served as the energy efficiency Research Director at Sustainable Engineering Group. I have also held Research Scientist positions at Eureka Scientific, Michigan State University and the University of Virginia.  I have a Master’s degree in Physics from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and Planetary Science from The University of Colorado at Boulder.

My mission is to devote my time, abilities, and expertise to combat climate change and contribute to our transition to a low-carbon society. I will approach this task by leveraging a unique blend of analytical, personal, and communication skills. My ambition is to maximize my positive impact on the world by advancing practical, solutions-based market transformation. 

(The landscape photos on the right were taken in northern Wisconsin.)

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