Grants & Technical Writing

The process that both begins and ends scientific research projects is

writing.  Before a project can ever take off it must be funded, so

grantwriting is an essential part of a scientist’s job.  In addition, the

final product of any research project is typically one or more scientific


Successful grantwriting requires a number of important skills: 1) the ability to write persuasively; 2) being able to convey technical details to non-experts; 3) attention to detail; and 4) the ability to meet hard deadlines.  In my 15 years of grantwriting, I have successfully obtained 24 federal grants, totaling over a million dollars in small project funding.  In addition, I have served as a panelist on a federal (NASA) funding committee, an experience which enables me to view project funding from multiple perspectives, giving me a clear advantage as I design new proposals.

Technical writing uses slightly different skills than grantwriting, primarily due to targeting a different audience.  Here the goal is to be both explicit and concise, as well as choosing representative figures and data tables wisely.  One of the more important skills required for completing a scientific paper is the ability to incorporate the often diverse perspectives of one’s co-authors while still reaching consensus in a timely manner.  In my 15 years of authorship in scientific journals, I have amassed more than 25 refereed publications.  I have also served as a technical reviewer for scientific journals multiple times.

Grants & Technical Writing


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