Analytical Skills

The analytical skills of research scientists are often what they are

most known for.  Handling large datasets, running complex modeling

software, creating analysis pipelines, finding creative ways to image

data and producing figures that convey interesting results are all part

of the job description.

I have performed statistical analyses on data as well as regression modeling and curve fitting.  A necessary prerequisite for these technical skills is familiarity with the different types of data one might encounter and what they represent, which comes from years of training and coursework.  I have used Macs, PCs, and Sun Workstations.  I have written code in Python, R, C, FORTRAN, and IDL.  I have used and edited shell scripts and Perl scripts, and learned to operate a plethora of software, including the Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, image manipulation programs like GIMP, Mac Open Office, and standalone scientific analysis and modeling software packages such as CIAO and XSPEC. 


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